Serendipity Agency
Serendipity is a branding and communication agency, based in Lausanne and founded by Orlane Perey.

We develop original communication concepts based on strategic thinking to help you differentiate your company and successfully grow your business.

Our approach begins by thoroughly understanding your needs and vision for your business, working together to create a bespoke identity. Our creative process aims to create unique, innovative and functional identities, designed to convey a strong and consistent image to your target audience.


We work with a network of partners chosen for the quality of their work and covering a wide range of skills. Indeed, building a brand has become a complex activity requiring the interaction and collaboration of different specialists that must be adapted to the needs and development of each client.

The depth and quality of our community of specialists provides a flexible and reactive structure guaranteeing that we can provide the right team for your project.

This configuration allows us to create original and coherent concepts and ensures that the quality of their execution meets the highest standards to fuel the success of your company.

Orlane Perey - Designer & Art Director
How do we know if we are made to collaborate?

To obtain a conclusive result, compatibility is important. First, have a look at our portfolio (we can also show you other more confidential projects in private depending on your project). Next, you can also read testimonials from our clients. Some of the feedback we have been given highlights thoughtfulness, attentiveness, and punctuality.

It’s true, we will give you our full attention, reciprocally we like working with clients who are equally focused. Friendliness is also very important to us, we want you to be able to count on us and consider us as a partner that contributes to the success of your business. Similarly, we would like to work with grateful people who make the collaboration enjoyable.

Do you think we share the same values ​​and have the same expectations ?

Serendipity ?
An integral part of the creative process

Serendipity is discovering something unexpectedly as a result of unforeseeable circumstances. But above all it is the capacity of intuitively recognizing and creatively tapping the opportunities provided by this discovery.
Serendipity is often defined as the capacity to discover things by accident.

In fact, no discovery happens purely by accident. They are made possible by putting oneself in a state of mind that is open, ready, curious and full of wonder, marvel and analogical and symbolic thoughts.