We are committed to creating memorable brands that tell inspiring stories through compelling creative solutions.


Founded by Orlane Perey, Art Director and Designer, the agency has been operating collaboratively since 2017, bringing together the best specialists in their field. We develop original communication concepts based on strategic thinking in order to differentiate your company and enhance your brand. We create bespoke identities, based on a thorough analysis of your needs and vision for your business. Our creative process aims to create unique, innovative and functional identities, designed to convey a strong and consistent image to your target audience.

Building a brand is a complex activity requiring the interaction and collaboration of different specialists. We work with a network of partners chosen for the quality of their work and covering a wide range of skills. To produce great results, you need the right team. We assemble a team of talents with the right expertise for your project and its unique needs. This helps us guarantee we deliver high quality, original and coherent concepts that will fuel the success of your company.


Wondering why we’re called Serendipity? Serendipity is discovering something unexpectedly as a result of unforeseeable circumstances. But above all it is the capacity of intuitively recognizing and creatively tapping the opportunities provided by this discovery. Serendipity is often defined as the capacity to discover things by accident In reality, no discovery happens purely by accident. They are made possible by putting oneself in a state of mind that is open, ready, curious and full of wonder, marvel and analogical and symbolic thoughts. Serendipity is an integral part of our creative process.