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Café 9I38 is a coffee brand offering exclusive blends selected by five passionate baristas; two years of research and hundreds of coffees tasted by the greatest Swiss roasters. An ethical brand that respects the producers and the environment.


How to launch a new coffee brand on a market already generously supplied with Arabica and Robusta coffees of all kinds? What do we need to bring to the table to make this everyday product stand out? And above all, how to convey a familiar and reassuring feeling?


We have chosen to convey a strong message of transparency to the consumer by putting the roaster and his world in the spotlight. For the packaging, we opted for a clean design, with a color reminiscent of the blackness of coffee. This deep black background is enhanced with bright colors which serve to differentiate the products of the range. The logo roundness and finesse bring softness and a warm accent that counterbalances the technical character of the label. The label takes us into the world of the roaster by enlightening us on the various specificities of each variety. A Barista quality mark has also been designed to reassure coffee lovers and to confirm the quality of the brand's exclusive blends. This label is affixed on all communication tools. To the website

Une agence qui nous a séduit par son professionnalisme, sa créativité et son expertise. Mme Perey et son équipe ont pleinement répondu à nos attentes dans les projets que nous lui avons soumis: branding, charte graphique, affiche et site web. Son esprit d’analyse, de synthèse et son pragmatisme ont été très appréciés. Un grand merci à toute l’équipe!
Cristina da Silva - Expansion Manager

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