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Stefania Casto takes you into nature to give you a unique sensory experience with the aim of reharmonising your body and mind. By combining hypnosis and singing bowls, she teaches you to use your inner resources, based on the premise that the individual has the necessary means to face any situation.


How to design an identity representing several therapies? How to create a visual link between these different techniques dedicated to personal development?


Hybona: a gentle name, chosen for its sound that evokes an inner journey. The selection of a round and harmonious typography. Hybona is surrounded by a circle, a symbol of life and protection that represents the union and circulation of energy. It is coupled with a plant form, invoking nature. The whole is presented in natural and soothing tones, textures and materials. The result is balanced, harmonious and comforting.

Un excellent suivi de mon projet depuis le nom et la création du logo de mon entreprise jusqu'au site internet. Orlane a su écouter mes envies tout en donnant son avis pertinent. Autour d'Orlane gravite aussi tout un panel de professionnels avec qui elle collabore merveilleusement bien.
Stefania Casto - Founder of Hybona

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