Brand Sprint

The ultimate solution for businesses looking to quickly build a strong and unique brand identity!

Inspired by Google Ventures' proven Design Sprint methodology, Brand Sprint takes a collaborative approach to help companies develop their brand strategy.

In just one day, you will have a well-defined brand strategy that reflects your brand's unique personality and resonates with your target audiences. At the end of the Sprint, you will leave with a roadmap to guide your brand—a solid foundation on which to build future developments.

What is a Brand Sprint?

The Brand Sprint is a time-bound, strategic, and collaborative workshop designed to help companies define their brand identity (strategy, positioning, message, etc.). It is intended to transform the abstract idea of "our brand" into something concrete.

After completing a series of exercises, the team gains a common language to describe what their company and brand are about. This facilitates all subsequent decisions about brand identity.

In one day, the Brand Sprint enables you to:

Identify target audiences

It's essential to know who your brand is aimed at.

Define positioning

Values, brand personality, key messages—Your brand positioning must be crystal clear. A strong and unique brand positioning is essential for building relationships with your audience and differentiating yourself from your competitors.

Decide on a strategic direction

Based on an analysis of the market and the competition.

What is the purpose of the Brand Sprint?

The aim is to use this moment to create a powerful brand strategy that will help you:

  • Align the direction of future decisions (products/services).
  • Connect more with your customers.
  • Ultimately, grow faster and achieve your goals.

Who is the Brand Sprint for?

Entrepreneurs: The Brand Sprint gives company founders the opportunity to create or clarify their brand right from the start of their business. It establishes a solid foundation to guide public perception of the brand and differentiate it from the competition.

Start-ups: The Brand Sprint enables start-ups or young companies to quickly obtain an identity and direction for their brand. This can help them attract attention and differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

Marketing teams: A Brand Sprint can be useful for a company's marketing team to develop a coherent brand strategy, define brand values, visual identity, tone of voice, etc.

Companies undergoing rebranding: The Brand Sprint is the ideal tool for companies undergoing rebranding. It enables them to rethink and redefine the existing brand image, culminating in a new strategy.

Why is it a revolution?

Creating a classic brand strategy is generally a long, complex, and expensive process. The Brand Sprint is an alternative solution that reduces this process to a one-day workshop. The exercises have been designed to facilitate major decisions and avoid wasting time. Based on the same decision-support methods as the Design Sprint, it's an accelerator that delivers fast, high-quality results.

Aligning your teams with the strategy, thanks to the Brand Sprint

Unlike the creation of a classic brand strategy by an agency, the Brand Sprint offers the opportunity to include your team in the process. It provides an occasion to get team members on the same wavelength, resolve conflicts, and increase the level of internal communication and information sharing. It is a strategic alignment tool that aims to bring people together and help define a shared corporate vision.


We did a Brand Sprint with Serendipity Agency ahead of the redesign of our visual identity. This workshop provided us with an ideal framework for rethinking our brand in depth and defining an effective and coherent brand strategy.

It took just one day to align the team and produce a roadmap to guide the development of future brand assets. The Brand Sprint really enabled us to achieve results in record time.

Mikaël Trigo - Hockey Manager co-owner

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